- Cyclists on  la Haute Route Pyrénées in 2014

Antony Le Moigne, 4 times champion of France, triple champion of Europe  and double champion of world of Canicross

Bessans Biathlon Contest 2015

Team B  biathlon from Norway, in Septembre 2015

France Championship of Canicross and Cani-VTT 2015, in Morbier with for exemple the massage of Angelina Zeggane the France Champion of Canicross in Child 1 category and silver medalist for the Europe Championship 2015 of her category;  and the presence of Anthony Remars, second on his category (senior) of the "Trophée Fédéral FSLC 2015"

France Championship of Trail (short and long trail) 2015, in the town of Mont-Dore with, for exemple,  the massage of the Champion of France "Trail Court -  Espoir 2015": Robin Juillaguet


Lekkarod 2016, a french stage sled dog race.

Marion JOLY and Marie-Sophie LE BIEZ

- Nicole Donzallaz, Marathon Bessans 2017