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Our relaxing massages come from Californian and Swedish techniques. Soft and enveloping movements to help you feel ready to let go!

In 30 or 60 minutes; we can also do this massage for children under 12 years old with the presence of an adult.


Regarding sport recovery massage, it is a massage with various techniques as effleurages, percussions, petrissages and so on. This massage is done with a deeper pressure. It is particulary efficient for reduce muscle contractions. It aims to promote the performance and recovery of an athlete. This kind of massage is not only for competing athletes. We do this massage for people who are especially looking for recovery after a day's effort in mountain or people with back pain due to stress or tension. We can do this massage in 30, 40 or 60 minutes.

The massages are made with vegetable oils to make you enjoy the benefits of plants and respect your skin.

Our massages are recognized and accredited by the "FFMTR" (the french federation of traditional relaxation massage).

During the massage, all equipment is provided on site!


Do not forget to remove your makeup before the massage in order to enjoy the facial massage in relaxing massage: "Le Lâcher-Prise"  and remove your jewelry (especially around the neck and bracelet, watch...). Thank you!